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Embracing reality

In the process of soul searching, the more we find ourselves lost.  Seeing and realizing things tends to blind you more from the previous person you used to be and only to realize that you have been not yourself lately.  Weird right? But most of the time, the more you seek for answers the more you discover questions.  And the more vague things become.  The process of searching was never easy, who said it was?!  But it was worthy, regardless of the impact of the outcome.  Searching for oneself, is something worth the risk.  At the end of the journey, you feel intact and connected very well with the person you used to be and the person you wanted to be.

Age is not a matter when you try figure things out but time is of the essence of course.  You can’t stay in a “soul searching” mode forever.  Because if you opt to stay in that course, then the moment you snap out of it, you’d realize you are long behind reality.

Maybe that’s the harsh truth of reality, we only have a few moments were we can search for what is really inside us.  And that few moments lies between our capacity to handle our thoughts and our reality.  

Look back to plan ahead

Whenever the year ends, I always encounter people say that the year that past was one hell of roller coaster ride for them.  And I am no exception to that.  2012 was one hell of a ride for me, though I hate roller coasters and the nauseous feeling it gives afterwards, what I experienced in 2012 was nothing close to something I should hate, it’s actually more of something I have learned to embrace and came to love. I had my share of good things and bad things but God is sooo great that He made sure the good things outweigh the bad ones.

Before fireworks were lit on the last seconds of 2012, I made sure that all the negative thoughts were whispered to the wind.  To bring it to a place far from me. I wanted to welcome 2013 fresh from everything and with a light heart.  Giving myself space to embrace the great things and new experiences that will come in 2013.

As part of my 2013 resolution, I would like to look at the year that past to be able to plan a good future.  Because the past will serve as my guide in avoiding the past mistakes and misfortunes I had.  It will also remind me how blessed I was and will always be.

realizing dreams

When we were younger, we have a vision of what we wanted to be and where we should be.  We have our goals set and dreams we wanted to achieve.  Regardless of the course of action we are to take, we are so eager to get them.  We are persuasive of achieving them.  The path to achieving our goals and dreams is not an easy path but regardless we are so aggressive in pursuing them.  

We are always up to the challenge and never hesitant in chasing our dreams.  As we grow old, the path becomes hazy and topsy-turvy that we stop for a moment in chasing that dream of ours.  That very moment sometimes takes us a long time, until we finally become contented and complacent with what we have that we have finally ended the chase.  

And after the moment of complacency and contented surpasses, we feel the emptiness and find ourselves seeking for something.  Seeking for something that we have lost, seeking a part of us that we have long forgotten.

That moment of realization, will keep us company days and nights.  Trying to figure out what went wrong.  Until we finally reach the moment when we stopped going for our dreams.  The hazy and topsy-turvy path that we had are necessary and beneficial to us in achieving what we wanted to achieve.  It paves our pathway towards our dreams.  Shapes our talent and enhance our skills, preparing ourselves for a longer and tougher battle in pursuing our goal.  It is the “how” in how we can achieve them.

Our dreams usually does not leave us.  There are no such things as dreams not meant for us.  Because most of the time we just grow old and grow tired of chasing and pursuing them that we become contented of what is laid in front of us.

Let the inner child in you be the best inspiration in going after your dreams.  Aggressive, persuasive and never hesitant.  

my train ride

On my way to taguig, I took the MRT.  The longest and most meaningful ride of my life.  The train was not crowded, yet I chose to stand and have a full view of EDSA.  Things have been going on with my life lately, issues were running my mind and they just won’t leave me alone.  But that Saturday, I had the most meaningful train ride of my life.  It was not really that long yet it was life I was able to look back to how my life was.  The challenges I have encountered before.  The trials that I thought I would never surpass, yet I survive them all.  It was maybe less than 15 minutes, yet my whole life seems to flash back before my very eyes.  The stumble I had when I was 15 yet I manage to stand straight after that fall.  The upside turn of events when I was 18 yet I survive it.

The ride made me realize who I was and what was I made of.  And that I was strong enough to overcome the trials that I am facing.  That I will find clarity in all the confusions and crossroads I am encountering.  And that above all, I have all the support and trust of all my loved ones.  If at 15 or 18, I manage to overcome them, when I had limited capability what more now??  When I have fully discovered my strength.  When my visions of the path that I am taking are clear enough to be distracted.

I would never forget that train ride on One Rainy Saturday.  Because it made me reconnect with my self. The strength I always had to move on with my life.  The ability to inspire, influence and affect others.  

not just anybody

Ever felt lost and in search of something. Most of the time, in search of yourself?
Tried everything and everyone’s suggestions of what to be and who to be.  If so, it’s time to stop.
Stop listening from them and following them. Take a step backward and take a deep breath. 
Think hard.  Imagine yourself and what do you want to become. Feel it. Don’t be afraid to run
it in your mind, it’s for you alone to know.  And after contemplating, have the guts to stand by that vision of yourself.  Take the risk and plunge yourself.  As long as you are not hurting other people and yourself, follow
what you think you want to be.

We are not just anybody in this world.  We can idolize and be inspired by others.  But never be a copycat or shadow of them.  We all have our identity, we just need to let it shine within us.

3 venues 1 occasion

Today, I can assume that celebrating father’s day is “mission accomplish” for us.   We were able to visit and celebrate today’s occasion with almost all the “dads” in the family.  Almost because my brother was not there, he have their company outing so he missed the celebration. too bad. :(


For a change, we were up early because we know that we will be out the whole day.  My hubby and I got our long awaited cargo from dubai (which is not the main point).  Our itinerary for the day is a really tiring one.  We have to go to 3 places today to fulfill our plan.  The 3 venues we had to celebrate Father’s day are quiet distant from each other.  


To start, our first stop is to go to Himlayang Pilipino in Tandang Sora (I think), to visit Lolo Pedro (maternal grandfather) and Tito Henry (maternal uncle) at Himlayang Pilipino.  Yes, they were with our Lord already.  We paid them a visit because it’s father’s day and said our prayers.  I know both of them are in a safer and peaceful place and that we should be really happy for them, but on occasions like this I can’t help but really feel sad and miss them terribly.  



After the visit, we headed to our 2nd stop, Tempura Restaurant in Banawe and had our celebration of father’s day.  Good thing we were there early for lunch, so we didn’t had to wait long.  It’s a Japanese food, father’s day for us. =)  We had our favorites (favorite food in General not really from this restaurant) sukiyaki, tempura, katsudon, gyu asupara maki. The sukiyaki and tempura was good.  The katsudon was ok.  (T.Boy’s version was better).  Gyu asupara maki was great, the asparagus were crunchy.  We tried also their chicken roulade which was realllly good. Haven’t tried their version of chicken roulade before, and it was surprisingly delicious. The best part of this is that we get to share and spend it with our loved ones.




And for our last stop, to visit Lolo Ben (Paternal Grandfather).  It was suppose to be a surprise visit, but we wanted to make sure that Tita and my cousin were there also so we had no choice but to give her a call.  Despite the supposed surprise visit and father’s day celebration with Lolo, I know that He is still surprise with the idea of us coming over. And seeing the happy look on his face, was just priceless. :)  I really think we should do this often.  And of course, coming over means a loooot of chikahan with my 2 Tita’s and kulitan with my cousin, Gerard.  And a bonus call from my Ninang also. :) 


After the tiring chikahan, we had merienda.  I just love occasions like this because I get to eat my Tita’s pasta which is reaaaallly goood.  Really something I look forward to having during any occasion. =)  She prepared penne today and my-oh-my it was really perfect. :)  Maybe if she didn’t run out of penne, I can eat a loooot more than expected. whooo.. 


This is just one amazing celebration. =) Hope that every father had a great celebration.


Credits to my hubby for the pictures.
















the excitement of waiting

Why do we tend to be more anxious when we wait for something?

We realize how much time passed by, when we are sooo excited to achieve and do something.

Why can’t be waiting, be just like any normal activity?

Why can’t we rationalize?  Or is it because we take many things into consideration that makes waiting all the more exciting?

What is in it that makes the feeling intense?  Is it the outcome? The action to be taken? Or is it more of fear of the execution of your action?

fantastic dinner at heat

A night of satisfying and wonderful dinner with my husband, mother, youngest brother and sister (who was late but glad she made it). We had a great dinner at Heat, Edsa Shangri-la. I loooove their buffet, they had a wide variety of choices from appetizer down to desserts. And after several attempts to have a taste of all of what they offer, this by far is the closest. The pesto penne was great two thumbs up. The pad thai was perfect. The medium rare steak with mushroom sauce was fab. The dessert was such a haven for me. Not really for those who are on diet.

The best part of this great dinner is that I had to spend it with my husband, my mom and bro.  We had one of the best conversation ever over such a great dinner.

Another first

It’s scorching hot today.  The weather is almost like in the middle east, the worst part is the houses in the Philippines are not air-conditioned like in middle east.  Anyway, it’s my 2nd day of doing yoga today.  And I did great. Sweat a lot, thanks to the help of the humid weather today.  

Aside from that I just wanted to share the 1st time I tried online shopping kimonos, a dress and shoes.  Had my 1st purchases and deposited the payment in the bank.  After 2 days, hoping to receive the parcel.  Yay, excited much with the parcel.  Hoping that the purchases would fit me just fine.  If it’s a success, I will surely have my 2nd online shopping.

one day, every day

It has been ages since I tried writing.  And I made a vow to myself to write again every day if possible.  This would personally help me keep my life a little less stressful.  This would also serve as a personal journal of the things I would like to try and the first time experiences  I will encounter.

Aside from a hobby and the joys of writing it brings me.  I personally see this as a good outlet.  To unleash the joy and frustrations I have.  Thanks to my number 1 critic and inspiration, my husband, who encouraged and believed in me that I could write again.  To inspire and be inspired.

Today, I tried out yoga.  Yup, First timer. All thanks to youtube which is a good companion.  This link is very helpful for first timers, Sweat out and stretched out my cold muscles.  And makes me want to try it out again tomorrow.

my pink yoga mat

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